avms onsite at Archer Hotel


Artimus John Wilfred Seal

AV Manager
477 Technology Way
Napa, CA 94558
O: (707) 819-2508

Artimus Seal began his AV career as a DJ prior to going to college to learn more about live sound, studio recording, mixing and mastering music. He got a job working with Uptown Theatre and learned about production, gear and management of VIP performers. With this knowledge, Artimus was introduced to AVMS where he saw a future to grow his professional career and took it. He attended Expression College for Digital Arts and has a BS in Sound Arts. He grew up in Vallejo until he was 13, then he moved to Pope Valley, CA. From there, he moved around the Bay Area during college and now resides in Napa. Artimus is a family man and enjoys spending time with his girls, dogs and cat when not at work. In addition, he makes music for a record label and DJs around the Bay Area. He also volunteers his time with his Burning Man Camp. He smiles and says that the key to his success is "Killing them with kindness." Artimus' favorite quote is "Music should strike fire in the hearts of men and bring tears to the eyes of women." — Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Steve Thomas

Operations Coordinator
1230 1st Street Napa CA 94559

Steve Thomas grew up on a little street called Birkdale by Silverado Middle School in Napa. He's done a little bit of everything in life. From working at a high-end resort like Meadowood Country Club, to a Health Club in town behind the front desk, then to a Vitamin Shop in Napa where he grew to love the health industry. He progressed to be a personal trainer after that and worked for a couple of gyms. Steve went to a trade school for personal training and received his certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. He also completed the EMT course at Napa Junior College when he was planning on being a firefighter. Steve loves his fiance, dogs, cats, and his favorite football team is the Miami Dolphins. He loves working out or anything outdoors. It’s a great release and also helps to clear the mind. It's Steve's form of meditation. He got into the AV Industry and immediately started to learn as much as he could and started to grow to enjoy it very much. He believes the key to success is no matter how many times you fail to just keep pushing and eventually something will work. Steve was introduced to AVMS  by a past coworker and in a short while he soon became a part of the AVMS team  His favorite quote is "Everything happens for a reason."

Kevenfati G. Aguirre (Kev)

AV Technician

Please allow us to introduce you to Keven Aguirre. Kev (to his friends) grew up in an American community called Flosden Road. It was one of those small neighborhoods where everyone knew each other and there were plenty of kids his own age to play with. He is currently finishing up his last year at Napa Valley College for his associates in math and science. After he receives that degree, he is going to transfer to UC Davis where he will work on his bachelors in business. Kev's best friend works in the AV industry and loves his job so it was an easy decision for Kev to join the AVMS team. The coolest technology that he's ever seen was the home theater setup at his uncle's home where the visuals were projected and the images were clear and visible. It was definitely the best graphics he's ever seen. During his free time, Kev enjoys playing video games with friends, having barbecues with his family, watching or playing football, and listening to music. He thinks the key to his success has been to stay consistent and motivated. Kev's favorite quote is "Growing takes change and challenge." Some day, he hopes to visit Hawaii because he's always wanted to see live volcanoes and try some of their fresh fish dishes. J. Cole is his favorite artist because he touches on real issues in society and confronts them in his music.

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