avms onsite at The Marker San Francisco


Lorna Albarillo

Director of Audio Visual
O: (415) 901-3879
F: (415) 292-0111

Lorna Albarillo was born in San Francisco and was raised throughout the Bay Area. She has been in the audiovisual industry since 2010. She began her AV career as a technician and was quickly was promoted to management. Before working in event technology, she worked in hotel hospitality in sales. After she graduated college with her Bachelors of Science in Sound Arts at Expression Emeryville, CA in 2008, she began working at Brava Theatre as a sound designer, and was also an instructor for the non-profit, which taught job placement skills in audio, lighting, set design and stage management to underprivileged youth. She also currently DJs for nightclubs and events from Bay Area to Los Angeles. This of course leads to the coolest technology she's ever seen... the analog turntable (she loves vinyl records). When not at work, or DJing, Lorna enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, visiting farmers markets, shopping at flea markets, listening to music, spending quality time with family and friends and watching the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants or the Forty Niners. The key to her success is always doing her best and remembering to have fun while doing it. Her favorite quote is "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times." — Bruce Lee. Some day she hopes to travel to Thailand for the food, beaches, temples and culture. 

Paul Savio

Lead Technician
O: (415) 203-9911

Paul Savio grew up in in a small town in Illinois. He began his AV career touring with bands but wanted to plant some roots, while at the same time working in the field that he loved... this brought him the AVMS. When not at work, he enjoys watching/playing soccer, viewing a good movie (like the original Blade Runner), and he is continues his struggle with learning to play guitar. The best concert he's ever seen is Sigur Ros at the Warfield in downtown San Francisco. It had the best lights and sound that he has ever seen. He is a music fanatic and is currently listening to the Temptations, Isaac Hayes and Jimmy Castor Bunch. The coolest technology that he has encountered is a virtual reality experience called "The Chair." The key to Paul's success is to do good things, then good things will happen. His favorite quote is "Don't just read the story, write your own story." 

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