avms onsite at The Galt House Hotel


Mike Lenihan

Director of Audio Visual
(502) 443-2363

Please allow us to introduce you to Mike Lenihan. Mike is originally from Louisville and graduated from St. X High School in 1990. His first AV manager job was in 1999 at the Hyatt Lexington. He has held the title of operations manager at KICC and KEC from 2011-2018. Mike also earned his BA in psychology from the University of Kentucky.

When not at work, Mike enjoys playing the electric guitar in a rock-cover band and bass guitar in an all-originals instrumental rock band. He also enjoys a great movie every now and again like Star Wars. From time to time, Mike can also be found watching college basketball.

Mike truly loves all things about technology. The coolest thing he has encountered to date is the 3D mapping.

The secret to Mike's success is being trustworthy and honest, as well as being respectful to others.

When asked what AVMS' core values mean to him, this is what Mike had to say:

Hospitality Above All — "Giving assistance in any way I can to make a guests experience a positive one." 

Communication — "It goes beyond words and involves reading people and their reactions." 

Integrity — "Being honest, sincere, and performing at my best."


Matt Love

Sales Manager
(904) 923-8886

Say hello to Matt Love. Matt grew up in Fairmouint, IN... A small farm town. It was also the hometown of James Dean and the creator of Garfield, Jim Davis.

Matt has a great deal of audiovisual experience. He was a technician for an audiovisual company prior to serving in the Navy from 2009 - 2013. Then he was a stagehand in Jacksonville, FL until moving to Louisville in 2016. With a couple of career choices outside the AV worl, he realized he really missed it and is thrilled to be in it again with AVMS.

Matt attended Full Sail University where he specialized in show production and touring.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are the coolest things he's encountered in the technology world. It's rapidly changing and he's ucrious to see how it may intertwine with the corporate AV world in the not too distant future.

When not hard at work, Matt builds custom vintage Harley-Davidson motocycles. He also enjoys anything outdoors, cooking, going to concerts or stand-up show, and spending time with his German Shepherd. In addition, Matt loves music. The top three songs currently on his playlist are: Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath, Blue Skies by Willie Nelson, and Fade Away by Logic. He also enjoys the work of Salvador Dali.

Matt thinks that the secret to his success is determination, drive, knowing when to ask for help, and accepting constructive criticism.

The best concert that Matt has ever gone to was Radiohead in West Palm Beach in 2007. The overall show experience was great. It was while he was attending Full Sail, so it was the first major production he had been to after learning enough about production to really appreciate how much went into it.

Matt's favorite quote is: "Better we raise our skill than lower the climb." — Royal Robbins

Buddy Shirey

Operations Manager
(502) 889-8891


Thuan Nguyen

Lead Audio Visual Technician


Andrew Cummins

Sales Coordinator

Danielle Case

Audio Visual Technician


Seth Creasman

Audio Visual Technician

Marc Mann

Audio Visual Technician


Gary Adkisson

Audio Visual Technician


Ryan Palmer

Audio Visual Technician


Alexander Reynolds

Audio Visual Technician

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